Friday, August 12, 2016

Where can we buy groceries and daily items? : Nearest town, Westerbork

2 weeks (9 class-days) is the shortest course. Even our stay is"short", we still need buy food and daily items since foods are not included and the accommodation does not have certain items such as toilet paper, bathroom amenities and so on...we have to replenish them. 

Then, I needed to go to the town center of Westerbork. In the town,  there are chain supermarkets, JUMBO, LIDLE and so on...

How long does it take?

It takes 10-15 mins by bike and 40 mins by walk. If you do have enough time, I recommend to walk until the town. It can be good exercise and you can enjoy the view.

There are two ways to reach the town. I prefer to take a roundabout way. Along the way, you can enjoy to see typical Dutch house with well-kept lawn. And the art was jumped into my eyes.

Actually, there is no landmark. So, my husband and I were worried whether we were on the right way or not. But once we went through the way, it was very simple

I could buy what I needed in the both supermarkets, JUMBO and LIDLE. Both are close each others (5 mins walking distance). So, once I was in the town, I went both.

Both open even on Sunday afternoon, 1 PM until 6 PM (July, 2016 present) and have large selection (in terms of food). I would LIDLE is cheaper but JUMBO has Asian groceries.

So, I bought some basic items in LIDLE and I added some items in JUMBO such as Red curry and coconut milk.

What activities we can enjoy the town?
There are bar, cafe, restaurant, disco...During our stay, one weekend the town celebrated the festival. 

Musicians played the music, on the street vendors opened various shops. They sold foods, bags, clothes and so on. It was enjoyable to look at these. My friend bought some sausages.

The local people enjoyed the day having beer with friends. There are people who are not resident of Westerbork.
I met people who are not resident in the Westerbork and wanted to be away from big city.

Let's talk with the local people in Dutch.
Bring the pins: ik leer nederlands (I study Dutch) when you go out!
The pin was given by the school on the very first day.
This pins was very effective. People in the town did not miss it. However, it was too fast to catch what s/he said. I could understand only 40 percents at the most. I asked my husband's help since he is advanced. 

It is maybe this pins(?), we got close to the local people and they helped us. When my husband, my fiend and I went to the town, we were unfortunately caught by heavy rain. I brought a umbrella but it was too small to cover three of us. We took shelter from rain under an awning. 

While we were staying there, we got close to a gentle elder Dutch couple. 

We enjoyed talk under the rain. At the end, they rend my small umbrella, went back home to get their car and brought us to the accommodation. It was great help and we could see the generosity of Dutch local. 

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