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MUST bring! items for the Dutch summer camp

Prior to the summer course, I received a lot of email from the school to inform what I have to bring. It was very helpful. In addition to that, I just subjectively listed down below what we must bring;

Japanese people would say: 備えあれば、憂いなし(sonae areba, urei nashi!), it means You can never be too prepared.

The accommodation does not have! We tend to expect the accommodation have daily necessary items which make our stay comfortable. However, the accommodation is NOT hotel! Therefore, students have to bring own your towels, bathroom amenities (tooth brash, shampoo, soup), toilet paper..

If you forget to bring these, you have to buy in the supermarket. The location of supermarket is 3 km away from our accommodation. It takes 40 mins by walk and 10 mins by bike. It is nice to go to the town however, I wanted to minimize time to spend going and buying these...

In order to focus of your study!, I would like to list the items which is, I believe, useful if you bring from your home. (I think this may applicable for person living in the Netherlands. )

1. Bathroom amenities, toilet paper
As I wrote earlier, the accommodation does not have shampoo, soup, and other items. So, it is nice to bring them.
The accommodation provides initially one roll of toilet paper for one house (for 4 people). So, students definitely replenish it. Smallest package in the super market was 4 rolls in a pack. My husband and I consumed 2 rolls and half.

And dish washing soup is also needed. It many not consume one bottle within 2 weeks then you can bring from the house. 

2. Small portion of seasonings
Students stay 2-8 weeks. We cook every day but we do not consume 1 kg of salt or sugar, a bottle of, it would be nice to bring small portion of these items. Especially you come from the Netherlands.

Well, students can share the cost buying these things..and it is also possible that 4 students in one house can cook alternately. But if students do not discuss about monetary contribution of buying these, later it would be problem. 

3.Ready to eat items 
It is not nice to eat it all the time. But on the first day, I arrived the accommodation late afternoon and I was so tired. Eventually I was discourage to go to the town buy foods. to survive very first day, it would be nice to bring something ready to eat.

4. Extra notebook and ball-pen
On the very first day, the school gave us very cute orange notebook, orange ball-pen and a badge. But I brought own my note book since I expected to finish it. Then, I was right I finished one notebook and ball-pen. So, if you are the person who write a lot, it is better to bring one.

notebook and ball-pen

5. Dictionary 
Some of my classmate brought it. I had one in the Philippines but I could not bring it when I came here. So, I download free-application. It was useful when I made sentences during the class.

6. Insect repellent
The accommodation in Drenthe is blessed with beautiful nature. As an exchange of this, there are many bags.. Daytime, it was sunny and beautiful, then not only students but also other residents remain door open. Eventually, the house invite insect. My friend could not sleep well because of mosquitoes-bite until she purchased insect repellents.

My case...I was trained in the Philippines...then I was not bitten by any insects during my stay :D 

(Mosquito here in the Netherlands is big and slow compare to the Philippines. I could eliminate them once they were inside my room. )

7. Bottle (for drinking water)
In the classroom ,there is a kitchen. Water is accessible. You can have a glass of water by using glass in the room. But I preferred to have own bottle since we had activities outside of the classroom. So, I could bring it. This year, summer in the Netherlands is rather cold. But once it became sunny, it was quite hot. I needed water.  

8. Sandal 
A pair of sandal was very useful. Especially inside the house, I did not want to wear shoes all the time. Some of my friend walked with barefoot but for me too cold wearing nothing.. Better bring a pair! 

9. Something unique (from your country?)
My classmate brought bottles of vodka (Żubrówka) . (*She came by her own car. And it does not mean we had drinking session every night :D ) She shared it to other friends there. Because of this, these who drink (a lot), enjoyed night of talk with drinks.
I brought mongo beans and pieces of dried fishes. I cooked mongo soup in Filipino way. I thought people do not appreciate this since it has distinct fish and garlic smell. But I shared this Filipino food to neighbors because I am sure that most of my friends there have never tasted Filipino dish (cooked by Japanese!). They seemed to enjoy it. 

So, if you have some space of your suitcase, it would be nice to bring something to share with your friends. 

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