Sunday, August 7, 2016

How is the Dutch Language class goes?

It would be nice to write what was my learning experience with blc Dutch learning school.


Students attend either morning (9:00-12:20)or afternoon class(1:00-4:20). It does not mean student choose either class. Morning and afternoon classes are alternate with another classes. For example, my A1-A2 level class has morning schedule for 2 days, then we have afternoon schedule for another 2 days.
Morning class is not so early. I usually had enough time for sleep, cook, and walk in side the park.

Focusing on enhancing conversational skills 
Our class focuses on conversation through activities. It quite makes sense to me because I cannot speak alone. I need someone to react and correct as well. Some students in my class was quite advance so I eventually learned from the students too.

In my level, teacher assumes we must know basic grammatical rules. We have classes inside classroom but summer weather invites us to go out. So, once we have activities, we go out.

Activities in the class
Activities effectively made us learn key points of each lesson..
For example, when we learned "Wat vind je van...?/ Hoe vind je...?". In English, what do you find ...? How do you find ....? Then, we answer with "Ik vind ...(I find ....)", each made 3 questions and asked partner.

Wat vind je van dit boek? (what do you find the book?) Ik vind het erg interesant. (I find it very interesting.) In our level, of course, I cannot simply conclude the conversation in this way. So, I have to add some more information.

One of my question was "wat vind je van terroristische aanslag in Frankrijk.?"

When we learned the direction, we actually asked the direction to natives. Prior to that, we paired another and came up the plan for the weekend. I was paired with my husband. We planed to visit the Westerbork transit camp where is about 10 km away from the accommodation.  

We went to the reception and asked how to get to our destination.  We started with "Mag ik u iets vragen? (Can I ask you something?)".  U means you. In Dutch, U is politer than "je".
Then, a person in the reception answered "U gaat hier rechtdoor"or "U gaat linksaf" and so on...The receptionist might have spoken us slowly then I, somehow could understand. But at least, I earned experience to speak with native.

We also sang songs in Dutch. We can do this exercise alone in the house but it is helpful that the teacher explained some slang and expression related the introduced songs.


For me, we can learn the grammar through the text book and online lesson which the school provided. But the grammar was not ignored since we need the structure of the sentences. according to the grammatical rule. When I learned Filipino language (via textbook), I just tried to speak based on what I know. It does not mean it is ok to ignore the grimmer. So, in the class, we discussed this and did the exercises in the text book.

Most of the assignment are from the text book. We did exercises. Going through these process, we may expand the range of our expression in Dutch language.

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These are my view and experience...therefore, if you want to know more about the school, please visit the official website>> blc language course website
Tel: +31-648074618


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