Friday, August 5, 2016

Visiting Anne Frank museum

One of the fascination to visit Amsterdam is to visit Anne Frank Museum. My husband and I visited there 3 years ago.

It, of course is not a place where tourists have great fun but have great learning. Especially people these who read Het Achterhuis (The Diary of Anne Frank), visit the museum with certain sentiment. I did have a passion to visit there.

My excitement is to see, feel and imagine what Anne Frank saw and lived, her life and connect her writing with the limited space she allowed to live for 2 years, which made me reflect as a person who work in the filed of peace.

On the first glance, the Museum seems very ordinal museum, which is built inside the typical Dutch house. Typical Dutch house means the entrance is very narrow but it is usually spacious more than I imagined. I was wrong partially wrong. The museum remains its authenticity as the family lived, at the same time it is well integrated with technology.

And I appreciated the later part of exhibition. It is a visual exhibition of racial discrimination which connects with this issue in current context. If I remember collectedly, there was a screen to flash the simple question and we, museum visitor reacted. Usually, museum visitors passively fill with a lot of information and less space are given to digest these numerous information.

The museum website is well-designed. I feel I re-visit the museum by browsing it. Visitors can access the memories of the past through museum visit, in addition to that, technology accelerates visitor's the learning.

I remembered my visit today because I discussed the importance of museum work by citing Anne Frank museum with my friend and I happened to find the the second hand book in Dutch on the way going home!

* My dutch is not that advance yet to read the book but near future, I may be able to read this book in Dutch :) (I hope!)

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