Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Communicate in Dutch with local people: going to the Pancake house

As a part of class activities, the class went to pancake house (pannenkoekenhuis). Mission in the pancake house was we order in Dutch. 

Ho ho ho, that is easy! I can guess what waiters and waitresses will ask me. And of course, they expect what I am going to say. There is certain pattern...But my worry was my pronunciation. My Dutch sounds like (Filipino) English. 

On that day, the class spent half of our class in the room. After that, we went to "pannenkoekenhuis. Let's have an activity in pannenkoekenhuis...well, after order, we just eat them..and enjoy conversation..

Most of the classmates biked there. Netherlands has orderly bike lane which I always admire because my home country does  not have it even though there are considerable number of people bike everyday.

Therefore, most of the student of summer course rend the bike during their stay. But my husband and I did not because we did not see its necessity. For this activity, very kind classmates let us use her extra bike and offered the ride. So, my husband and I could participate the event. 

Upon the arrival, all of us gazed at the menu. I was not sure how many of us have already experienced the pancake house here or their home country. I noticed there are number of pancake house in towns. But I have never experienced because I somehow assumed pancake is usually home-made, it is not the food to eat in the restaurant. Meanwhile, my concern was not speaking Dutch with local...rather what I was going to eat. 

I found the Dutch pancake house interesting. In my country, people often think pancake must be sweet with honey or chocolate.aside from home-made.but here, there are variety of choices. Some of these are not totally sweet and it can be the meal.

My husband and I ordered "Boerenpannenkoek", 13 euro. It is a meal like pancake including onion, paprika, beacon, cheese and was quite big. I shared with my husband and we finally could eat it all. Some classmates skipped the lunch in order to enjoy the pancake here. 

 How was our most important mission? Yes, I could order in Dutch by saying "ik wil graak......(I would like to...)." and "met .....(with...)". Well, there was no surprise that waiter could understand it. But it must be bit meaningful since I, so far practiced Dutch with a teacher. Teacher is trained so they surely understand what students say.

It was easy task to order in Dutch than to converse with classmate with Dutch. The conversation could not last long :(  

How was the taste? Hummmmm...I tasted thick batter and these vegetables.
My husband tried to add syrup on this pancake. I quickly asked him not "invade" my share of pancake with this..I would rather add mayonnaise. For me, it is maybe the western style of OKONOMIYAKI? (I, all of sudden, missed OKONOMIYAKI taste!)
This experience changed my idea of pancake :) It was very simple and good. We all enjoyed it. It was nice to have it in this location. We could enjoy the view of countryside.

During your stay in Netherlands, please try the pancake house and order in Dutch :) 

The pancake house we went was DE STROHOED.

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