Thursday, August 25, 2016

Experience of blc Dutch Summer School

blc Dutch Summer school provides the intensive Dutch language lessons in serene accommodation. 

My husband and I decided to enroll this Dutch summer school. We attended 2 weeks course in Durenthe where we choose one out of two venue-options: Durenthe and Amsterdam.

I studied hard?! and met friends from different countries and great teachers. It was nice learning experience and a good summer memory.

Some of my friends told me that why  I need to learn Dutch. My husband is not Dutch, I can live in Netherlands without speaking is not UN language (in my field, it is critical to learn these UN languages...I can be competitive more than people just speak English.) There is no "useless language"! My reasoning is here 1. Why I need to learn Dutch?

Here, I wrote my experience with some reflections. I hope these articles encourage you to study Dutch. 


1. Why I need to learn Dutch?

9. Class activity-Communicate in Dutch with local people: going to the Pancake house

12. Preparation-MUST do! before joining Dutch summer school

14. Epilogue:  After the camp - what remains

These are my view and experience...therefore, if you want to know more about the school, please visit their official website>> blc language course website, call or email? They will answer you more. 
Tel: +31-648074618

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