Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How was the teacher?

I used to teach in University. One of the subjects I taught was language. Therefore, I am very interested in the teacher's approach and observing learning process of the students.

Aside from that. I am pretty much care who would be my teacher because of my experience learning language. My first foreign language was English. It was the most terrible subject for me.
A problem I had was I developed not good feeling toward my English teacher.

Yes, it is not nice to write this openly, even though my English teacher does not read this. But it affected me so badly, eventually I hated this subject. It took me nearly a decade to encourage to study English seriously.

Who was my teacher?She is very experienced language teacher, currently teaching in the University, outside of the Netherlands. She has decades (?) of teaching Dutch to foreign nationals. But I do not think she is not old.
If I am not mistaken, she has two bachelor and master degrees related language. She is academically very qualified.

Creative way to teach 
It was quite good convictions of inside and outside of classroom activities. She explained grammar and we did workbook together. But we did more activities outside of the classroom.
I mentioned some examples in my blog, How is the Dutch Language class goes?

These exercises/activities encouraged us to speak more. One big challenge is pronunciation! We may never get perfect pronunciation. It discourage us to speak in Dutch but exercises and activities makes us bit confidence to use the language.

Skills of adjustment My level was A1-A2. However, everyone would not be the same. Some are more experienced to use this language than others. There are students who studied this language but never used...they know grammar and so on. This created certain gap among us.
She seemed not forcing to fill the gap. She adjusted and gave some pressure to these who were bit advanced.

Well, I say I was lucky to have her this time. But I have to say even though teacher is good, skillful, and creating good synergy with enthusiastic student, unless students make an effort, students may not learn.

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