Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tailor-made Barong Tagalog

It was my first time to see the process how tailor-made Barong Tagalog was made. After seeing this, I want to recommend to persons who are coming often to the Philippines for some reasons to make tailor-made one.

My husband needed the Filipino traditional cloth- Barong Tagalog which is see-through long sleeve with elegant embroideries for his PhD defense on December last year.

First, we tried to find a ready-made one instead of tailor-made because we thought the price of a tailor-made might be higher than another. It might be yes but sometime not. We found the most economic option was tailor-made.

The justification making it tailor-made was, of course price. But aside from this, we though to make it to totally fit my husband's - sexy as he claimed - body is also good idea. We could not find good design at the same time totally fit his body.

We went to one of the oldest shop in the Naga city which had already existed when my husband was still very young. We approached one of sale ladies and explained what we wanted. 

She showed different design and prices of pieces of cloth. All of them were see-through with different kinds of stitchwork. Most of them were off-white but there were also colored modern one such as blue or green. We surely went for white, classical one. I believed this one suit to my husband the most.

I picked one which I thought of very classic, simple, not so expressive but elegant. My husband said he trusted me to decide the right one for him. It wasn't bad to hear what he said but this is actually his favorite phrase once he is certain degree having difficult or lazy to decide something :D So I valued this word half.

His "sexy body" was measured by a tailor. Tailor had quickly done his job. Only we had to do there was to pay the half amount and wait for 3 days to be made. We waited this for days and picked up after the typhoon Ruby had already been away from the Bicol region.

Doneness was satisfactory for me. My husband was the same feeling as mine but except one point - he could not manage to wear this without someone's help. Barong Tagalog has mainly 2 types of design: one has button until the half of the shirt - around upper tummy: another has all like a ordinary blouse. We picked half one.

He might need someone's - most probably I will be the one- help every time when he wears this. He does not like it. But for me, less button might be easy to take care. And I am sort of having fun to see my husband to up both hands and wait me to put this on. It is like a small child cannot wear cloth alone yet. 

In my country, Japan, one of anchors in TV news show ordered Barong Tagalog and asked a tailor to ship this to Japan. He wore while reporting news in Summer time of Japan. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him to wear that on TV but I saw the picture.

Wearing this, my husband defended his dissertation.  He looked a bit handsome with that.  Therefore, I want to recommend him to wear this everyday :D


  1. May I know the address or the name of this tailor shop.? I will be visiting Naga City next month (March 2017) and would like to have a tailor-made barong shirt too.
    My email address is musari_isri@yahoo.com or sms me at +6590698738

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