Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Story of Valentine's Day

Here in the Philippines, Valentine's Day is pretty alive in different way from my country. Romantic Filipino tend to be more romantic except my husband. Maybe in his way, he is romantic but it is not applicable to his wife.

How romantic Filipino is?
While I was working in a NGO, I observed gifts- whole big cake and bouquet - were delivered in our office on the day. This was for my male colleague.

Both cake and flower is quite big. I could see the sender spend a lot of money. Not only the amount she spend, but also I could see she made an effort to do it on the Valentine's Day. I was quite amazed at her courage.

However, my colleague who was supposed to receive these was not in the office. His presence was not controllable but surely sad.

I thought my colleague will keep these but...

One of colleagues opened box of cake and started to cut it. OMG! is it fine with him? Some explained they somehow broke up. Hey! but girl still sent this to him on this day. It must be the sign of willingness going back to the relationship.

Among my colleagues, they know each other well even their love life. So in this sense, as long as they say it is ok, it must be ok. But I felt guilty to have a piece of cake.
Her romance certainly feed us not him. We badly enjoyed a piece of cake.

The story did not end here.

Another colleague started distributing flowers to other colleagues. They asked me whether I liked flower or not. Yes, I like it but flowers from that bouquet?    

Eventually, a whole cake and rose bouquet have been gone.

This happened in the weekend. I did not hear any complains or comments following week. I decided not ask him what happened to him and that girl. But I thanked that girl to provide us nice snack in the long afternoon working hours.    

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