Friday, February 6, 2015

Sensational media report in the Philippines

News report in the Philippines, for me is very sensational and sometimes fun to watch.

Like other countries, news report here often show dead body. Today's TV news, often show a suspect being shoot dead. This kind of news come with quite sensational pictures. 

In Japan, TV news does not show dead body and also media is usually not able to shoot these. Audience can see only blue plastic sheet covered area where the incident happened. If someone died in the murder case or accident, at the most, body bag appear in our TV News.

I got used to Japanese reporting style. At the very first time, it was quite shocking to watch these seines even it is News show.

Reporting style here made me sometimes laugh. On the other day, there was the news: young guy peeped girl's skirt or did secretly shoot the video (I forgot detail). It is very serious matter for victims. And of course, as a female, I was angry with this kind of crime!

But I laughed at that. What made me laugh? The reporter went to the police station and asked a suspect the reason why he did that.

The reporter goes to places where these suspects are kept and directly interview them. That is quite surprising for me because I have never seen such a scene in my country. In Japan, we see suspect only the time s/he was convoyed by police and their face is covered.  

In the Philippines, before suspects are sentenced, it seems they are already socially punished. Is it part of cultural difference?

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