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Why Filipino is always strong contestant in beauty pageant? - living in the pageant islands -

My friend congratulate once Filipina won the title of world famous pageant via SNS. I am genuinely happy and always amazing at the same time wonder how Filipina can be a strong contestant.

63rd Miss Universe has held January 25 in Miami, U.S. Candidate from the Philippines, Ms. Mary Jean Lastimosa did not bring the crown but secured the Top 10 position. Allow me to congratulate her! I am amazed how competitive Filipina are in such a big international competition.

Most of us always assume Filipino contestant will be Top 10, 5 or expect to win.  
How heavy pressure is! But they did.

I am wondering for long time how Philippines became pageant Islands. Then, I thought of reasons based on my observation. 

Miss University 2011 3rd runner up 
Shamcey Supsup
1) Many beautiful ladies
It is very subjective. I know..
But average is much higher than my country :D
I think their beauty here is oriental but different from other Asian countries. 

In general, strong contestants come from place where geographically intersecting with other countries.
Philippines is not sharing the boarder with other countries. But it experienced 300 years Spanish occupations, and coming Chinese traders, which might influence how Filipina look like.
In addition, here most of all people smile very beautifully, it can be also secret of their charm.

2) Good communicator

Filipino in general is good communicator. They often play a role as mediator. By the way, Filipino rarely have confrontation, which is very cultural characteristic. 
Filipino has good sense of healthy joke which are perfectly fit in the context. These sense and skills of communication are cultivated through close relation with their family and relatives. When I see my nephews and nieces, I found they already possess these abilities in such a age.

3) Educational system
How education relates beauty pageant? What I want to say that the education system here fosters confidence of students. So far, as I would say education here rather western style. Teacher gives students chances to have presentations. Students are trained to think, summarize and speak in front of people.
This strength is often seen in international meeting or conferences. 

My niece received award because she
academically performed well!

4) Competitive environment
Filipino often expose themselves very competitive situations. Yes, my country too, competition is severe. But here, competition starts from kindergarten and elementary level by having special class called star section for top students. It is widely practiced even in public schools.  I could sense people somehow get used to having competition. 

5) One of official languages is English
Filipino grows up exposing English language. They watch TV anime in English, learn English from kindergarten level, science and math classes are in English, most of all books being used in University level in English. Of course, their presentation is done in English although they sometime mix with Tagalog and their mother tongue.
If speaking in English became almost immediate reaction, these people might not have difficulties to understand what other people saying in English and have room to speak. 

6) Culture of pageantI think Philippines is beauty pageant islands. Pageants are happening everywhere in this countries. 
Winner paraded on the street after community pageant
In fact, municipality has two different pageants a year: Miss "name of my residential town"
and Miss Valentin's Day.
National level beauty pageant called Binibining Pilipinas is on air in prime time, which I am sure I will never see in my country. 
Because of this environment, I often see small child age around 4-6 years old walk like pageant contestant by waving hands and saying "world peace".Viva Filipina!

I took the attached picture in Cubao, Metro Manila in 2011 after national competition to select the preventative. All candidate national competition were there...they are so gorgeous.

Pageant Islands  

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