Thursday, January 29, 2015

I know who are Finoy among them? - Identifiable reasons -

My first foreign countries, I stayed longer than 6 months is the Philippines. I stayed here half of my period of graduate study, eventually I had a Filipino husband and I am staying here in the Philippines.

It was not planed (maybe God planed so) but it happen. As a consequence of this, I am opt to find, discover, distinguish Filipino when I am out of the Philippines. I found myself feel at home once I see them. And of course, I approach them once they were confirmed as Filipino.

Why I am so sure s/he is Filipino? It is almost same technique I apply to distinguish Japanese among group of people from different countries. Technique is not perfect word. It can be said certain sense. 
Aside from the sense, I also find certain significant points make me bit easy to find them in the crowd.  Here are the things...for Filipino friends, please just laugh and forgive me. 

Point direction with lips
This is very significant body language. My husband does that when he want to point direction little bit far from him. How? He simply pouts. If I ask where is toilet, he points the direction with his lips and says "there" at the same time.  

At the beginning, I thought they wanted to inform me I had something in my face especially around mouth. It was not! Later, I learned this gesture is pointing the direction.  

But why people do that? One of explanations is that there are spirits everywhere around us. We should not point them out by finger. We do not point the spirit but who know?
Other explanations? I do not buy such as show-off kissable lips. That one must be joke.

Stay close
In Singapore LRT, I found two ladies tried to sit in a seat for one together. But people around them were sort of surprised at what they were tiring to do. This is often seen inside Jeepney, MRT and LRT in the Philippines. 

I was offered a seat by Filipino. It was simply kindness so I was very thankful but I was surprised of the size of offered space, which cannot accommodate my butt for sure. Then, I smiled back a person by showing my appreciation. But I did not sit there. Then again, the person sent a signal I must take this seat. Finally I tried it. I could amazingly place myself in the small space. Is space just a notion?

I experienced this many time, which made me believe people try to sit in the limited space must be Filipino. 

Greet with your eyebrows 
When my Filipino husband see his friend on the street, in stead of saying hello, he moved his eyebrows up and down. His friend responded too in the same way. 

I experienced this too. When I took some pictures of celebrity, I thanked her allowing me to take some photo of her. Then, she moved her eyebrows up and down since she is bit far to respond my gratitude. 

In addition, my husband also greet with his chin. How? It is sort of reverse version of nodding. This greeting is seen only among friends or person who are younger than him. 

In Japan, this can be a gesture of provoking. I saw "bad" boy and girl cocked and threat other by looking down in this way.  Are Filipino men provoking other men on the street? NO, they are just greeting their friends.

Filipino English is not so much known as Singlish or Indian English. But once I familiarize the sound, I easily recognize them in international occasions such as meeting and conferences. They speak very clear which must be influenced by Tagalog (and other mother tongue accent too). I must say they are really good communicator.

My English sounds like Filipino English. When I had a job interview, half Singaporean half Japanese boss pointed this. Hummmm...
Once person speaks with emotion, last word is significantly strong pronounced. And some says "Me also" instead of "me too". I assume this comes from "ako din"(me too).
Additionally, people here often use abbreviation and  acronym. GMA: (former president) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, DepEd: Department of Education, SAF: Special Action Force.  Yes, I think it is very useful but there are many of these...

These are what I observed often in and out of countries.

I live here and expose myself then for several years. At the end, I actually do all of these except greet with my chin. OMG, It is for me sort of shocking. I did these even I am in Japan.

Now I really learned repetition forms a person. And with respect, my integration process is going well :)

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