Thursday, January 22, 2015

Go with the bicycle

Bicycle is environmentally and economically friendly and has health benefits. Therefore, I want to promote bicycle to be a possible daily transportation.

4 reasons why I use bicycle
1. Environmentally friendly
Bicycle itself won't produce polluted air neither greenhouse effect gas. Nothing more than that, but if I can add more, I appreciate nature more than before. Bicycle is not as fast as mortar bike, which gave us room to enjoy the view. I think this experience may lead us to be environmental conscious citizen :)

2. Economically friendly
Buying bicycle costs me something. Price of my bicycle was 3,400 pesos (8,000 yen or 62 euro ). It is not cheap if I consider monthly earning besides materials of my bicycle was so easy to be broken. In fact, I experienced sometime to fix it, which again cost me something. But if I can use this more than 5 to 6 months, my investment will be pay off. Maybe it may be even earlier than 5 to 6 months because I go out almost every day.

3. Health benefit
Riding bike forces me to exercise daily bases. (And I do not need to pay for this activity). After biking, I sweat a bit and feel slightly hungry. I enjoy my meals after all. Riding bicycle might not be enough daily exercise but it is better than I do nothing.

4. Time saving and less stress
I can manage my time because I do not relay on others. I mean I do not need to wait Jeepney and other transportation to go somewhere. In the rush hour, when I go home by Jeepney, I have to wait. Waiting is fine but there are no queue. So I sometimes can't ride it even I wait more than 30 minutes. I learned I won't be able to ride unless I push others. For me, it is quite challenging because pushing someone in order to get inside is feeling not nice. 
One time my husband requested a conductor who organize such a stuff to ask people to queue. But he declined his request/suggestion. Reason? I do not know but possibly it is additional work for him so he does not want to do that. I do not see any improvement for this situation. So I do not feel stress in this way.

Before promoting bicycle, I want to say something!
There are several wishes relate to promoting bicycle as daily transportation.     

1. Safe drive
Bicycle is one of the weakest transportation. If it will be bumped by motor bike or car, bicycle rider will surely be injured.
I sometime encounter the another transportation such as mortar bike with side car and bicycle with side car turn all of sudden without any signal. I of course, have to be always check these vehicles' movement.

And also bicycle driver, we have to send the signal which way we go. I usually send signal to vehicles behind and in front of me by stretching my hand to the direction I will turn.
Here, drivers are sensing each other but these sense is not always working. The certain manner like sending signals to others might be needed to implement to avoid accident. I hope bicycle shop or educational institution can provide proper instruction to ride bicycle for peaceful existence with other two wheels and cars on the road.

2. Road for only two wheels
I wish there is a road for only for wheels. Or side road will be created for only two wheel vehicles. It is very ideal but it might encourage people to use the bicycle. European countries have road for two wheels. Especially Netherlands has beautiful bike road. People might say these countries has budget for that. Yes, maybe..but my point is that European countries managed the limited space to create for people's welfare. Here, I think until biker's population won't reach certain level, it won't be a consideration of people. 
But I know suburban area of Manila partially have a bike road. So why not here in Bicol region?

3. No more parking on the street
Parked car on the street block not only the way of cars and bikers but also blocking the view. Especially, driver park at the corner of the street. For me, it is unthinkable. I would be very judgmental to these selfish action, why? It leads to the accident especially children. Children might be told by the parents to be careful when they walk the street. But who knows once they are playing with friends and excited to go home. It must be regulated in more severe manner. 

4. Light at least
Many motor or bicycle with side car drive without light. I think it is not good practice even people get used to because there are roads without street light. While riding bicycle, I experienced almost bumping these coming from anterior direction. They may assume that people are not around after sunset, and having light costs them some money to install. But I wish they may think of consequence of IF.

I always hope that the government will implement law to prohibit street parking. Now, there is a proposal that person cannot buy a car without showing possible car space. It might be a first step and I hope it will be enacted soon.

Although there are several concerns, I still prefer to use bicycle and want to promote. 

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