Thursday, April 23, 2015

DOOR, really DOOR

Few days ago, a door was delivered. I was happy about that because my husband and I lived a month without door. Ops, I have to say correctly, it is a door for our modest room not a front door.

My husband invested to improve in law's house last year. We lived in the another place but with several consideration, we decided to live with in law and extended family. It has happened about a month ago.

Renovation project on the in law's house took time and made him spend sort of considerable  amount. However, he did not complete "the house project" yet in some ways such as all doors of rooms in the second floor including toilet. Anyway, it is normal here that people build or renovate the house little by little.

No door is obviously no privacy, then he ordered at least one door for our room.Two to three weeks ago, he visited a house of door maker in the community.

By the way, in "rural setting", ready-made stuffs seem not fitting in the place. So if we need furniture, we approach carpenter. If we need to pain the house, we request a painter. It is how local community works.

As I mentioned above, door was finally made and delivered to our house. Two men brought it because it is quite heavy to carry.

I was excited that door is finally going to be installed. However, door makers simply left his finished work. alone. And they did not come back.


Door looks like chocolate bar was left alone. Even it has no doorknob.

What should I do with this heavy wooden door?

I reported this to my husband. His reaction was totally different from mine. He said they are just door makers.

Door-maker made a door. They literally made only DOOR...

I see...

Now I know what I should do. Eventually I went to a hardware shop in downtown and bought a doorknob and hinges. It was my first time to pick doorknob. seriously. After all, my husband request a carpenter to install it.

I am really looking forward to seeing our door will be door I am familiar with.


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  2. Heya. Found your blog by accident and it was my curiosity that got me into reading this article.

    Quite interesting, that door and your narrative. But more interesting are the inferences, your experiences and your adjustments to Philippine countryside life that the reader can only but surmise.

    I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I have some Japanese friends who religiously jot their daily experiences and insights, hence I know that this blog promises much learning the fun way about your culture and thoughts (as a Japanese, that is).

    By the way, I hope your DOOR is now a normal door. Hehe!